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Job Description

The Experimental Geography Studio, part of the Department of Geography & Environmental Sustainability at the University of Oklahoma, is looking to hire one or two student assistants who can contribute to building the Geo-humanities program in our department. Hires become members of a vibrant research and teaching community, and work directly with faculty in the Studio.

The Geo-humanities program is the meeting point of geography and the creative arts. In our degree programs, students collaborate with faculty and staff to do things like design websites, make videos, visualize archival documents, and build three-dimensional maps. There are many topical and regional foci in the program, driven by the interests of the community. Some of these, for example, include ecological histories of the desert west, indigenous video production in Mexico, architecture and place-making in urban America, and sculptural renditions of political theories.

What we need now are highly motivated, creative students who can help promote, market, record, and represent the activities of the growing program. Hires may also be asked to work directly on the research projects themselves, and will have the opportunity to initiate their own research agenda as well.

Your interests and skills should align with some (though not necessarily all) of the following:
Web maintenance
Web design
HTML and/or javascript (huge pluses)
Marketing in social media
Computer Science
Knowledge of OU departments
Graphic design
Business management

Application Instructions

If you are interested in applying, please send a cover letter and resume’ to Professor Nicholas Bauch <>. You can also contact him with any questions you may have about the positions. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Preferential consideration will be given to prompt applications.