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OU Offering Master’s Degree in Environmental Sustainability

NORMAN, OKLA. – To meet the growing need for professionals with advanced knowledge of environmental sustainability who can guide Oklahoma and the world in the effective management of the natural environment, a new master’s degree has been launched at the University of Oklahoma.

The addition of a Master of Science degree in Environmental Sustainability completes a curriculum restructure and organization begun nearly four years ago in OU’s College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences and Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability.

The new degree program will allow students to explore the integration between the Earth’s physical system and the social and economic institutions responsible for its management as well as to receive a thorough grounding in research methods.

“The new M.S. in Environmental Sustainability is an important milestone for OU and the state of Oklahoma,” said Berrien Moore III, dean of the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences. “It places OU in a position to contribute meaningfully and competitively to educating the next generation of business leaders, researchers, decision and policymakers who will be critical in assuring the sustainability of our high standard of living.”

Professionals who have completed this education at the graduate level will be well-positioned to use their expertise in responsible positions in the private sector, the nonprofit sector, government and education, Moore said. He added that the M.S. program in Environmental Sustainability will build upon OU’s strong institutional commitment to environmental sustainability and will draw upon and enhance the university’s well-established research expertise in sustainability, natural science and environmental management to educate professionals whose work will be essential in the creation and maintenance of a sustainable natural environment.

“With this new degree offering, we are able to tackle complex and emerging environmental challenges and support new environmentally conscious industries and jobs,” said Aondover Tarhule, chairman of the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability. “The Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability is delighted to be on the leading edge of this emerging discipline.”

The degree will contribute to OU’s educational mission by training qualified graduates with advanced education in environmental sustainability to meet the demands of the state in the public and private sectors. Graduates of the environmental sustainability degree programs will be trained to become leaders in research, decision-making and policies that guide the governance and management of the country’s environmental resources now and for the future.

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