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Undergraduate Programs

Degrees offered by the OU Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability (DGES) provide a solid base for a variety of careers. By combining the study of (a) environmental issues and research methods, (b) social, economic, energy and policy considerations, and (c) digital technologies and their applications, our degrees prepare graduates to better comprehend and contribute to addressing real-world social and environmental issues. Our degrees are in three major areas: Geography, Geographic Information Science and Environmental Sustainability.

Geography is an integrative field that studies people and the world in which they live and the discipline consists of two primary fields: human geography and physical geography. Both of these disciplines use GIS technologies and other analytical tools such as statistics, modeling and qualitative approaches. For more information click here

Geographic Information Science (GIS), one of the most rapidly expanding areas of study and employment in the U.S. addresses how geographic information systems and remote sensing (aerial photography and satellite imagery) are used for gathering, analyzing and visualizing all forms of geographically referenced information. For more information click here

The field of Environmental Sustainability addresses how societies can meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The degree offers three different areas of concentration: culture and society, planning and management, and science and natural resources. For more information click here

Recent alumni have gone to on pursue a variety of careers including urban and regional planning, web design using GIS, GIS technicians for the energy alternative energy industries, military and logistic professions, watershed management, and several have gone on to successfully complete law degrees and graduate degrees at the Master's and Ph.D. level.

DGES offers eight degrees within the fields mentioned above:

The department provides outstanding computer facilities equipped with the latest software in GIS and Remote Sensing technologies. Additionally, as a smaller department, we strive to offer excellent undergraduate advising for our majors and minors.

We also offer minors in Geography, Physical Geography, and Geographic Information Science (GIS). For a complete list of all courses offered in DGES access the Ms. Jamie Steele.

Student Services

The College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences offers a comprehensive webpage of resources available to its students. Please visit their page for information:

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