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Geographers integrate knowledge of culture, society and the economy with understanding of the earth’s physical system and biosphere in order to provide a holistic perspective on human-environment relationships. This integrative perspective is vital to understanding and addressing the world’s complex problems, including renewable energy, environmental change, and indigenous cultures in a globalizing world.

Geography faculty bring a rich history of expertise to the study of cultural, historical, political, economic, environmental, and applied physical geography. This focus on the human-environment interface complements and enhances the mission of the College by bridging the social and atmospheric sciences. Climatology, resource management, and wind energy are just a few of the many career opportunities available with a degree in geography.

Students may pursue either a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography.

The Bachelor of Arts can choose the following options:

• Geohumanities
• Physical and Social Sciences

Specific course requirements for each program are found on the program checksheet:

Recent OU Geography Alumni

Helpful Resources

Careers in Geography
American Association of Geographers

For further information about studying Geography, please refer to:
General Catalog (College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences section)

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